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domingo, 5 de maio de 2024

domingo, 17 de março de 2024

[GTA5]Spider-Man Unlimited Earth X HD [Add-on PED]



The Best spider-man ever is here. 

Ported my mod originally made for SA, including hd turbo smooth'ed meshes , normals and spec maps.

Including adapted ini files for julionib's spiderman script mod.



DOWNLOAD Gtainside

domingo, 29 de outubro de 2023

domingo, 10 de setembro de 2023

terça-feira, 15 de agosto de 2023

[CLEO] Diego4Fun Insults Cleo MoD



 Ma boy CJ is the real G, 'cause of that he needs appropriate words to interact with peds in da hood!
This cleo mod adds 30 new AI generated and randomized insults to the game:

1- the f#ck is wrong witchu dawg
2- you're looking like a fu#*ing teletubbie
3- cm'on show me whatchu got b!tc&
4- the f#ck is you doing ma boy
5 -get lost now or i'll take you out b!tc&
6 - getta f#ck away from me boy
7 - i don't give a f#ck
8 - i think you need a license to be that b!tc&
9- shut yo mouth motherf#cker
10 - yo fu#ckin' piece of $hit
11 - yo watchu lookin' at homie
12 - in da land of the b!tc&ies you'd be queen
13 - im a real muthaphu#ckkin G    
14 - do you go to the zoo for a family reunion
15- if you dont like dat just go f#ck yourself
16 - your head shape looks like a broken condom
17 - back daf#ck up off me dawg
18 - now shut up and f#ck off
19 - Yeah u pretty...pretty f#ckin' stupid b!tc&
20 - I think i left my condoms at your mum's house last night    
21 - stop being such a f#ckin' b!tc&
22 - why hasnt someone shot you yet b!tc&
23 - getta f#ck off this block before yo get yo a$$ wh00ped
24 - f#ck off yo f#cking b!tc&
25 - SHAZAM..nope you still a b!tc&
26 - Hey f#ck you motherf#cker
27 - shut the f#ck up b!tc&
28 - Roses are red violets are blue so just f#ck you
29 - yo stupid f#ckin' b!tc&
30 - yo f#cking d#mb a$$ motherf#cker


Be careful:
If you insult cops, you'll get one star, they get a night stick and chase you.
If you insult the "professional girls" they'll get a knife to stab you!
If you insult gangs crew, they'll get their guns pointed to shot you!

Now go there start some chaos and bully people around!

Thanks a lot to my homie J16D for all the help and all those lessons!
You are the goat, brodar!!




sábado, 22 de julho de 2023

[CLEO]Psychic Abilities for CJ

 A new cleo mod giving CJ new psychic abilities.


 ---How to use---
Press 1 --> Activate
Press 1 --> Deactivate
Right Mouse Button  + Q = Throw up all near peds
Right Mouse Button  + E = Choke a ped
Right Mouse Button  + R = Stomp a ped
Right Mouse Button  + T = Fatal Spinning
Right Mouse Button  + Y = Push a ped away
Right Mouse Button  + G = Push away a groupd of near peds/cars
Right Mouse Button  + H = Throw ped up, force down and keep hitting on the ground
Right Mouse Button  + X = Break ped's neck


---Como Usar---
Press 1 --> Ativa
Press 1 --> Desativa
Botão Direito do Mouse  + Q = Taca para o ar todos os peds em volta
Botão Direito do Mouse  + E = Enforca um ped
Botão Direito do Mouse + R = Estoura um ped tacando ele no chão
Botão Direito do Mouse + T = Giro Mortal
Botão Direito do Mouse + Y = Taca um ped longe
Botão Direito do Mouse + G = Taca todos peds/carros em volta, para bem longe
Botão Direito do Mouse + H = Joga um ped pro ar e taca ele pra baixo, batendo varias vezes no chão
Botão Direito do Mouse + X = Quebra o pescoço do ped