Original models from Infinity Ward,Capcom,Electronics Arts, Microsoft, Ubisoft and Treyarch,Xnalara and tombraider forums Users(rexil,Oocrofty,fullmon etc)Valve,Gmod and all developers that have created those models! I don't own any credits for those models!!!!

segunda-feira, 20 de outubro de 2014

I'm back!!!

Hey guys
I have been away from my blog, because i had problems with my Internet, making my signal gone for the last 3 weeks. But i have a new one and everything is fine right now.

quarta-feira, 1 de outubro de 2014

[REL]Dead Rising 3 Chuck Greene on DR2 Outfit

Hey guys
He's back and he's still a bad ass !! I made this model hack using Chuck Greenie from Dead rising 3 and his default oufit from DR2.


terça-feira, 30 de setembro de 2014

segunda-feira, 29 de setembro de 2014

sábado, 27 de setembro de 2014

[REL]Metal Gear Rising Mistral No Extra Arms

Hey guys
Here's one model that i ported a long time ago but i didn't release because of the heavy complex alpha texture used in her hair. But since Silent Patch fixed it, it's just fine as you can see on the photos.


Silent Patch ( Fix for annoying alpha bug in SA)

Hey guys
I recently found this .asi mod around. This file fix the bugs about hairs,beards and others alpha textures. Working for peds and objects. I tested it and all my models are fixed now.
You just need Cleo library to get this .asi file working. I have Cleo 4 here so i didn't test it on Cleo 3 but it should work just fine.
 Extract it on your main directory, delete your SA.exe and use the compact one. Otherwise, your game will crash!!!

Silent Patch LINK

San Andreas Compact exe

I did not make this mod! I'm only sharing it since it's annoying have alpha bugs in game.