Original models from Infinity Ward,Capcom,Electronics Arts, Microsoft, Ubisoft and Treyarch,Xnalara and tombraider forums Users(rexil,Oocrofty,fullmon etc)Valve,Gmod and all developers that have created those models! I don't own any credits for those models!!!!

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[SA MODS 2014]Zombie Mod

Hey guys Here's my newest cleo mod to celebrate halloween.You can play as a zombie now, eat people to gain health, bite them using custom animations , lose cops and a funny surprise for you with custom sound effects.

How to use:

Press Z -  to tun into a zombie

After that:

Type - SCREAM on your keyboad to active sounds

Once you are a zombie an got the sounds activated:

Press X behind the ped -  Bite peds

Press J - Eat dead bodies to restore health

Press i -  lose cops

Press H - surprise for you guys

Type SCREAM again: Deactive sounds

Press Z again - back to cj model.

I dont know if it works with cleo 3 because of the opcodes i used

 I dont know if it works with cleo 3 because of the opcodes i used. This mod was tested over and over again before i released it. So if you get crashes you're not installing it right.

Relly thanks to j16d for helping me out and giving me the sounds codes. I really appreciate it.You need cleo 4 to get this mod working


[REL]Dead Or Alive 5 Rachel Halloween 2014

Hey guys!
Halloween is almost there and to celebrate it i'll post halloween realted stuffs this week.
Starting with this Rachel model from doa5. Next one is Ayane!


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I'm back!!!

Hey guys
I have been away from my blog, because i had problems with my Internet, making my signal gone for the last 3 weeks. But i have a new one and everything is fine right now.

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[REL]Dead Rising 3 Chuck Greene on DR2 Outfit

Hey guys
He's back and he's still a bad ass !! I made this model hack using Chuck Greenie from Dead rising 3 and his default oufit from DR2.