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sexta-feira, 29 de abril de 2011

Easiest,Simplest and Detailed Tutorial For SA

Hello guys, many people have asked me how i convert model from gta san andreas as ped!
So i decided to make this tutorial!So lets go!
First, you need the model you want to convert, 3ds max and Kams inscript installed!

Crongats Conrade xD

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  1. well done bro .. you done a good job!

  2. Thanks a lot for this diego.This has helped me a lot in the last 3 days :)

  3. When I save a model, its size is always 218KB and it have some bugs at arms chest and legs.. I converted a model from cs source . I hope you will help me :D

  4. Hehe I don't need help anymore :D. I saved the model to .3ds and then I started to work again and it worked. Thank you for your tutorial! It was very helpful.

  5. Thanks!! Great job!

    oh and btw.. exporting models form Mass Effect is NIGHTMARE D:

  6. Meu irmão, tu é simplesmente foda, não tem outra palavra para descrever, fazia tempo que eu procurava mods para meu gta, eu até achei uns, mas não existe nenhum com a mesma qualidade que os teus. Está de parabéns, continua com o trabalho, que você tem muito talento, e faz a alegria de todos aqui. Sempre frequento seu blog atrás de seus trabalhos, cada novo é mais perfeito. Parabéns. Vou ler esse tutorial, mas sei que mesmo se eu aprender, não vai ter a mesma qualidade que os seus. ^^ Abraço irmão.

  7. Só não entendi uma coisa... Tu baixa os dff de algum lugar ou tu mesmo cria ? '-' Eu sou noob nesse assunto. >.<

  8. when i add my rigged player to skin.img in skin selector cleo mod it just doesnt changes...i mean when i press TAB+Q/E C.J stands over there instead of my player...is something wrong?

  9. it worked..with bugs ...thats because i did not fix it and i dont know how..could u make a tutorial??...and plus could u teach me how to texture the models correctl...everytime i add the images and apply to the model it always goes wrong like face texture is inverted ... body texture are !!!OMG,,!! ill send u a screenshot when u reply..by the way im trying to texture Goku from Budokai tenkachi 3 which i downloaded from the net in obj fromat and imported it...pls help me!! :D

  10. Hi Diego.

    Your Riggin' Tutorial really rocks.
    Got it made, my first attempts are ingame and work fine.
    Still a lot of work to find out the right fine tuning, peds still move a bit spastic, but the basic work is done, thank you very much.


    Greetings, togemax

  11. vlw pelo tutorial Diego , eu tudo como vc ensinou , mas ta dando um error na hora de exportar o dff , quando eu clico em salvar da uma mensagem de error assim : error not get function undefined , eu uso 3ds max 7 , você sabe pq ta dando esse error ?

  12. e como converte mod do GTA SA pro GT VC?
    agradeço !

  13. Hi, could you help me and tell me what I did wrong? I was trying to make mew pokemon skin but its legs are bugged + it has no arms + it has no tail + its skin is not alright. Here's the picture: http://i.imgur.com/s6XIBzD.jpg
    Thanks in advance

  14. I followed your guide and lots more,and well the thing is i can do any 3d model but i got thisproblem always
    "you didnt set bones id/bones type properly when i export the bones"
    "the object is not skinned properly"
    can you explain why this happen.
    Im using 3ds Max 2012 and i want to do skins that nobody does,and even if requested people dont do it so you should explain this error because i dont have problems making 3d models
    this is a view whe i tried to export everything,by the way is almost the same they have the same high and they are similar models

  15. Hey Diego, I followed your rigging tutorial and so far I have successfully rigged a skin. However, I need some help on my next skin.

    Have you ever rigged a skin, loaded it up on GTA SA, only to crash the game? I made sure the output from 3DS MAX is a valid DFF file. I tried exporting and importing it back and it's still fine. Also, I used DFF Viewer and opened the output--it's also working.

    The output file size is 2.83 MB. Does it have an issue with file size? Or maybe in polygon count? If so, how can you overcome those?

  16. BTW, the skin I'm rigging is a skin from DoA. Perhaps you can help me with that since you've also skinned some.