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sexta-feira, 20 de maio de 2011

[REL] US Army Acu Soldier Pack

Hey guys after post a wip and some work on it, i could finish this pack of US acu soldiers! Was a pain in the A%s to rig this model cause there was some really fuc*$d bugs on the hands and the legs! I had to edit the model to get it workin! it's not perfect but I'm fine with the result for the 1st version!There are 12 models inside!! I'll make a second pack later(v.2 Don't know When so don't keep askin' cause i'm workin on more stuffs, Be Patient) with gear and more things!!
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  1. Olá, eu ir a tempo procurando esses fatos, eles são melhores que eu nunca vi, por favor, levanta novamente os links para poder livrar-los, eu estimo muito o seu trabalho. Atenciosamente.