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terça-feira, 23 de outubro de 2012

[WIP]Skyrim Flying Island Map UPDATE

Hey guys!
Just got my Skyrim flyin' island updated.
I think this will be the final version!
I added more trees, 1 place to view the entire island and to make suicide jumping from there (LOL),1 more island with 1 Haunted house, 3 statues and one grave!

What do you think?

7 comentários:

  1. you are a good modder, Too bad you're not interested for Naruto maps

  2. Esse vai ficar muito legal Diego....to esperando anciosamente

  3. Why you didn't made this island on water? Would be nice if you would make 2nd version on water. It could be really good for ENB screenshots in abstract style. :D
    Good work!

  4. @naruto uzumaki
    thank you man.
    Actually i'd work on naturo maps but i saw some guys on the web convertin' it

    thank you amigo ^^

    valeuzao meu camarada acho que ate domingo ele fica prontinho \o/

    I thought about that but i think flyin' island is cooler xD
    But it'll be very easy after i release it, to you guys put it on the water. You'll just need to edit the "Z" coords on the map ipl^^