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domingo, 17 de fevereiro de 2013

[WIP]The mushroom Lands ( I'm back)

Hey guys
After a good carnival time, i'm back :D
And i have this new WIP taht i'll post soon!
I call it Mushroom Lands, it's a new map mod, using skyrim and skyrim dragoborn dlc models.
I'll add more props to the map. I'll keep you guys updated.

10 comentários:

  1. Looks amazing Diego! Just finished Dragonborn recently actually, it brought back memories of Morrowind back from '03 :3

  2. Diego my bro you said you will make Daniel Craig from 007 Legends for Skyrim please im begging you.

  3. Looks Good,can you make skins For Vice City?

  4. Awesome, can't wait for it. However, can you also re-upload Cate Archer from "No One Lives Forever 2"?

  5. These huts reminded me of that movie, Lord of the rings

  6. Welcome, my bro! I`m so expect your map mod! XD

  7. @maryse
    Thank you man. Indeed, i got the same feeling(i'm still playin' dragonborn)

    Hey man, i tried to convert it a few weeks ago, but i got the model with black parts and everytime crashing to desktop.So i canceled the project.

    thank you brother. Unfortunately i dont make mods for VC.

    thank you man. I"m glad you like it.
    Oh sure i totally forgot about that, i'll reup her today later withmore models.

    Oh you're wright brother, it does have a similar house on the new LOTR:The hobbit

    @mei arisa
    THank you my firend nice to see u around.
    Oh nice, i'm glad ou enjoyed it so far. I'll add more props than i'll post here the news.

  8. Hello amigo! Very nice works, my fav is Max Payne with Hawaiian Suit without doubt!!

    I have a wish... would it be possible that you create Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver (movie)?

    Is impossible to find!!

    Hope you can help me.

  9. @梅川内酷
    thank you dude!

    thank ou brother!
    I'm really glad you like my mods!
    I'll try to get more max 3 models soon!
    but i can't do travis because i dont have the model =\
    see ya bro