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quarta-feira, 27 de março de 2013

Tomb Raider 2013 Lara Croft Aviatrix Outfit(No gear)

Hey guys!
Here's Lara Aviatrix Outfit from the new Tomb Raider game.
It's  HQ model plus HD textures.
Don't use it if you have a low end pc!It'll drop your FPS!


9 comentários:

  1. Hey mano instalou gtaiv?

    - Se voce instalou
    - Convert aquele Daryl Dixon para niko ?

  2. Looks great Diego, much appreciated!

  3. Awesome work, dude!!! Wow! It's really amazing! Can I ask you a favor? Can you make Kate Austen from LOST? BW9

  4. Nice work,you are great Diego!! Diego,can i request something please? Diego can you turn gta 3's misty,maria or catalina skin to gta san andreas? Is it possible? I love you Diego,you are great!!

  5. You can make skins of characters from movies or games only? the skin is for GTA SA.
    Diego could make a female skin, the Bond girl in the movie Skyfall? I leave here a picture of the skin I want, thanks Diego (( http://img2.timeinc.net/ew/i/2012/08/10/skyfall-severine_510x816.jpg ))

    1. Dude, he isn't creating those skins. He just take the models from other games and make them work for gtasa. And I don't think someone would create models and post them in a blog.. Most of the modellers are selling their work on some sites such as www.turbosquid.com

  6. That's awesome!!! Didn't like the game too much but I loved the character model. I could be using it for my other projects. Anyway, Diego, do you have Jennifer Mui from "Mercenaries 2"?

  7. @gabriel augusto
    infelizmente ainda nao isntalei bro, entao nada de gta4 mods ainda =\

    you're welcome bro, i'm glad you like it

    thank you man i'm glad you like it.
    Sure i'll work on kate soon, i got her model here plus john lock and jack.

    @lucia rodriguez
    Unfortunately i don't make/create models Lucia, like @gheciu said, i only convert them from another game to SA. So i'd need the model to convert them.

    thank you my friend i'm glad you like it.
    But unfortunately i dont have Jennifer here =\