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terça-feira, 25 de junho de 2013

[REL]Dead Or Alive5 Tina Bathsuit

Hey guys!
Here's one more girl from DOA 5!
Enjoy it!


5 comentários:

  1. you can upload mod of house in the sea?? please i m waiting everyday :SS :))

  2. Diego, você poderia fazer skins do filme Digital Monsters x Evolutions, Omnimon x, wargreymon X, gallantmon x, gallantmon x??:D

  3. @seanonimo2sa
    I'm still workin' on it bro. I'm adding more details it's almost done!

    @alfo sapbee
    Infelizmente eu nao tenho nenhum desses models aqui brother =\

  4. Cool skin! :) I don't wanna be an annoying person, but i hope you'll make Kate skin from Lost Via Domus. I'm a very big Lost fan, that's why i'm so excited 'bout that skin.

  5. hi diego, maybe you can create "Dead Space 3 Witness Suit John Carver's version" i'm big fan on dead space series