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sábado, 19 de outubro de 2013

[REL]Deadpool Bikini Girls

Hey guys
Just finished these two girls from Deadpool!
Because GTA needs more boobs!



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  1. GTA:SA does need more boobs! Outstanding work as always man..btw I think SA needs this model http://www.libertycity.ru/files/gta-4/63233-dead-or-alive-5-kokoro-bikini-18.html
    Plz and thanx in advance

  2. Diego , it's me , the guy who wants to convert models from saints row the third to gta san andreas , about what i requested you few days ago , what about If i had the game , how i can rip them ? then once i've riped them i'll send you the files to convert them to gta? wich tools do i need? , i'll give you a hand , btw , do you have skype , facebook account or gmail? to stay in touch?

  3. Do you need more boobs ? I finded this very hot girl : http://thiendia.com/diendan/showthread.php?t=680321

  4. @martin
    You're welcome dude hehhehe

    thank you man, i'm glad you like it!
    gonna take a look at the link but i can see it is kokoro for the title, i have already ported a bikini version :) but i'll make more doa5 girls for sure.

    @igna jz
    Hey dude ,wasup? :)
    I dont know the process bro, i need to check xentax to see if there is a extractor out there, if there isn't the only way would be using Ninja ripper.
    After that i could port them ^^
    I do have skype, leave your nickname here that i'll add you there later because if i leave mine's here, i'll get spammer there.


  5. Yes your Kokoro has a yellow bikini (excellent work btw) The link above has a different bikini and a nude counterpart...might be a great start to FNP8?!! You mentioned doing more DOA5 girls..Plz make sure to add this model to the list, very unique bikini! :D http://alpha920.deviantart.com/art/Helena-Sea-Shell-Dead-or-Alive-5-Ultimate-404299622

  6. diego could make a skin of this game for gta please :

  7. @_@ oh my goodness pack of awesomeness