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quinta-feira, 17 de abril de 2014

[REL]Metal Gear Solid 4 Marine

Hey guys
Here's a nice marine model from MGS4


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  1. Can you make some characters from Resident Evil: Revelations? Especially Rachael Foley and Jessica Sherawat (winter costume or swimsuit)!! Thanks

  2. Diego4Fun Hi, I wonder if I can make a skin of Sherry Birkin Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City.
    Nesecito the skin for a series I have in mind, the skin will put your picture in the description, please I need it.
    The model can download it from this page:
    Not if you understand me use the google translator

  3. Please, can you make a skin of Hurley Reyes from Lost:Via Domus? Please :-)

    1. Im glad theres another lost fan.I asked diego for jack shepard with tatoo charlie and sawyer.He told me that he doesn't have the models but he will find them and mod them.So if we are a lot of lost fans maybe diego give us a present sooner.

  4. can you make this guy for me? hes from duke nukem forever


  5. @juliana
    Hey Juliana. I think i have those models here to give them a try.
    Expect DL soon!

    @deniz Dmr
    Dude, the mod is not finished yet. Don't worry about that, i said when i get it done i'll post it. I have been troubles with my gpu recently , slowin' down all my progress.But as soon as i finished it, i'll upload it.

    @costanzo fan
    Thank you man!

    @Leon S.Kennedy Fabian
    Hey dude.
    I just released her. I hope you enjoy it! ;)

    @vendac slalok @constanzo fan
    Unfortunately i haven't seen them around yet. i'll port ;) as soon as i get them again( i had Lost files but i lost them when i get my Hard Disk broken )
    I'm a huge fan of the tv show, specially because of Hurley (Dude hehehhe)

    @joao carlos
    Hey man
    i don't have that model here unfortunately =\