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segunda-feira, 15 de setembro de 2014

My Tutorial: How to fix Alpha channel issues for new Peds( Specially hairs)

Hey guys
Who make mods for SA know how bad SA's engine handles textures alpha textures.Those models who have complex alpha textures for hair , beards , lashes and etc look "bugged", with some "invisible" , see through parts. After 2 years searching , reading tons of articles, forums etc and tryin' tons of tricks , this is the one you'll have the best result.
I'll teach you how to solve this problem ( at least for most of the models because it didn't work for a small percentage. I didn't test it using z modeler but it should work as well.
You need:

- TXD Workshop
-  3ds Max 

In this tutorial, we double the meshes ( for hairs, beards etc) to get it working good since SA can't handle double faced polygons. So doing tihs trick both side of the mesh will be rendered without bugs. Plus using the right settings on TXD file, you'll make the result even better.

6 comentários:

  1. great!!! now yes!! goodbye invisible hair!! n_n hehehe

  2. @Tobias lasia
    That's it! xD
    Oh btw man i just found an .asi file that will fix alpha even for those more complex textures. i'll upload it soon

    1. COOL! n_n great, this .asi file works in the world map or the player model? hehe because i have a model (is not mine) "kula diamond" from king of fighters, well, the hair also is transparent in the lower part hehe.
      this .asi file fix it? hehe thanks for answer n_n

  3. Hi, excellent tutorial. I've been in real trouble with certain models because they had invisible parts that i did't know how to fix, but i guess this will help me a lot.

    By the way, i would like to ask you, if there is no problem, if you could make a map conversion tutorial, i see you are good in that too, and i have some maps i'd really love to convert (for example: http://tf3dm.com/3d-model/re-spencer-mansion-hall-78105.html).

    Thanks for your effort and your time.

  4. @tobias lasia
    Works for both , dude. It works for static objetcs , buildings ,glasses and for peds ( hairs, beards , eyelashes etc). I tested the .asi file with my settings on it, and it works flawless. No bugs there.

    @Hendra natanael
    You're welcome ^^

    You're welcome dude. I'm glad to see my tutorial helping you guys out.
    Oh sure. I was about to a map tutorial for a friend a while ago but i never got time. But i think i can make one for the next week. It's no that hard, you'll see. It's easier then rig a ped.