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domingo, 14 de dezembro de 2014

[CLEO] Snow Mod 2014

Hey guys
I made this mod a few months ago and i got asked for it, to be released.So here it's.
Since the SnowFx mod released a few years ago , doesn't work on Cleo 4 ( at least for me, i always get crashes when i try it) i decided to make a new one compatible Cleo3/4.

To install this mod, just copy and paste the models and cleo folders. You MUST use my edited effects and particles or you'll get crashes, because the snow particle/effect is stored in those files.
Don't worry if you're using any of my cleo mods (Dragon ball, i want to believe etc) this Effect/particle files works with them too.

To active it: Type in game "d4fsnow"

To deactive it: Type in game "d4fsnow" again.


5 comentários:

  1. Water with normal map texture bug

  2. @Yoshimaster
    You're welcome ^^

    :S strange dude. It works fine for me.
    But just in case, use txd workshop and import a new one, to see if you get it working fine.