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terça-feira, 3 de março de 2015

[REL]Resident Evil Reveletations 2 Natalia Korda

Hey guys
Just ported this cute little girl from REV2.


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  1. a specific idea yeah i do well its like a godzilla mod but you don't make it that big you just choose a dragon skin or whatever monster you like and make him breathe=spit fire and if it has wings make him fly it would be cool if we could fly and spit fire from air in the same time? Also about animations maybe some stomping animations like cars explode or get damage if walk over them

  2. i have more ideas for mods but i had this one alot of times in my head

  3. Conseguiu o model da adaga da kat? abraços

  4. @Mucker
    Oh i think i got it. That' is possible, yes. But it'd take so much time and work. I know how to make a script to fly and i too spit fire too. The problem would be join both of them in one script. Else, i'd neeed to dig info abot codes to undertand how SA handles that "collisions" on cars etc.
    So i think i can't do that for now bro, Sorry about that.

    @Dicas Variadas
    Ainda não bro. Porque sempre que tem updates no jogo, mudam-se os numeros dos models e alguma extensões tbm :|