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sábado, 18 de abril de 2015

[REL]Hotline Miami Jacket(Chicken Mask GUy)

Hey guys
I got models requested from Hotline Miami, so i ported this one. The others are coming up.


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  2. Bro você não consegue o modelo da Vi (clássico) do lol? acho que combina bastante com o game por ser "pancadaria"

  3. helo diego, can i know what mood that you use to make your gta sa graphic looks better?

    if you use ENB can i know what ENB that you use? thans :)

  4. @Dicas variadas
    Cara acho que eu extrai o modelo da Vi sim algumas semanas atrás. Vou procurar aqui pra ver se extrai.

    @Rahadian Nur
    Hey man. Sure you can, the one i have been using is called "Extreme ENB"
    But it was too high end spec.This week i have found a really beautiful one,for low-mid end PCS. Works like a charm even recording with fraps. I don't the name but if you wanna i can upload and post it for you.

  5. @Diego thanks for reply, I only play on mid low pc, i try lots of ENB but almost of them not works at all. it's a big help if i can have the ENB that you found ^_^

  6. @Rahadin
    No problem, dude :)
    Oh so this will work good for you. Like i said, i don't remember this Enb Series name but i think it's native enb or something like that. It's fully compatible with modloader(i'm using it and it's easier you just need to drag and drop the folder inside the modloader one). After install and go in game, remember this:
    Pressing shitf + F12 you'll enable it ( it'll be laggy ) but don't worry hre's the trick:Press shitf+F10 and you'll get it working amazing. I have also packed silent patch with my settigns(fix alpha bugs + give you some fps boost).