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segunda-feira, 22 de junho de 2015

[REL]Mortal Kombat X Mileena

Hey guys
I have just finished Mileena from MKX. I made masked and unmasked version:



11 comentários:

  1. Good skin Mileena hah :) Great work
    Which could put the skin I want
    I'm still waiting for my friend :/

  2. awesome dude..waiting for more skin ><

  3. @Optimus Prime
    Thank you dude, I'm glad you like it.
    I have just released Boba Fett, hope you lile it.

    @Ryosuke anbu
    Thank you man. I'll post more MKX this week.

  4. I have just finished Kitana from MKX. I made masked and unmasked version