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segunda-feira, 24 de agosto de 2015

[WIP]Custom models

Hey guys.
I got asked if i could make custom models(mode hacking, head hacking etc). The answer?
Yeah, i can :)
I made these ones, a while back:

Dwane "The rock" Johnson( inspired by fast and furious)

Apocalypse survival theme

 Funny Skeletons:



 Invisible Man

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  1. Diego, the "Apocalypse survival theme" These skins are included? And these weapons "SVD DRAGUNOV" and the machete, is that other mods that will come with the skins? It would be great, I hope the output of that mod.

  2. @Nicolás
    Hey , dude. I will not release all of them in a pack. I'll post them one by one . May be I'll make a pack for the "apocalypse theme" another one for the "skeletons" etc but i'll post all of them for sure.
    Abou the weapons, they're part of the skins , attached to the ped model.

  3. Awesome Skins , Especially The Rock , As Usual You Are the Best Bro !!!

  4. Diego ,você poderia fazer a espada de madeira do Gintoki do anime Gintama ?

  5. @Elpadrino1935
    Thank you my friend.I'm glad you like them.

    Infelizmente eu não tenho o model da espada desse anime pra converter :/

  6. The Skeletons look great; excellent idea, especially the one in Tuxedo. As well as the Invisible Man - awesome characters, Diego.

  7. Diego
    It sounds really cool that weapons that are attached to the skin of the player, I'm looking forward to the theme "Apocalypse" bring more skins, thanks man're the best.

  8. @Fei Yak
    Thank you brother. I'll make more funny skeletons this week and i'll show and post then.

    You're welcome brother.
    I got more image to have inspirations for apocalypse theme. I'll post more soon :)

  9. @Diego
    Thank you for the welcome, the apocalypse theme is very good for Andreas Zombie 2.0 so I'm looking forward to the weapons in the skins, thanks men.

  10. Dwane "The rock" Johnson( inspired by fast and furious) Please

  11. @Diego

    I want link download The Rock Dwane "The rock" Johnson( inspired by fast and furious) Please

  12. @Diego

    Dwane "The rock" Johnson( inspired by fast and furious) Link Please..

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