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sábado, 19 de março de 2016

[REL]Counter Strike Source Custom Urban Model( My first model ever rigged)

Hey guys
I recently found this model on my HD. This is the first model that i have ported to SA,the rig was pretty good for the 1st one,actuall.My blog, my mods, my interesting for 3d modelling ;everything started with this model.I remember i found it at gamebanana.com , made by kruku. It has HQ textures (2k res).


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  1. Hey Diego, how you doing?
    I wanted to notice you about the Tenchu House for GTA mod link. The link its broken, could you please make a new link to download it?
    I wanted to try it but there is no way to download it, plus I have talked to you in youtube but there is no response.
    Hope you ok!

  2. @René
    Hey Rene, i'm fine.What about you?
    I have been away from youtube for a while ( i guess my last sign in was more than a month), my bad.
    Sure, i'll re-upload in a minute for you.
    Thanks for reporting the broken link.

  3. Yo brother I like your soldier skins
    Good work my friend :)

  4. How nice :)
    It's awesome to find your first skin my friend , thanks to this skin this game is still alive , without making this skin and your other hard works i would never learn making skins , really thank you so much for yoir hard work :)

    This skin is a good memory , why don't you make a statue of it in SA map , common it's a nice idea , i will make one too with a special sign (of course after you give me permission) ;)

  5. Diego tu pode coloca essa skin pra mim http://oofiloo.deviantart.com/art/HG-DANIELLA-516011177

  6. @optimus
    Thank you my friend, i'm glad you like it

    Thank you brother
    Sure go ahead i give you permission :)

    @the johny
    i can give it a try for ya

  7. hello diego, could convert skins game, harry potter eas Deathly Hallows part1
    They have already converted this game skins for gta sa, most wanted other characters would greatly appreciate it if podesse do;)