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segunda-feira, 6 de junho de 2016

[CLEO] Kevlar/Bulletproof Vest Mod

This is a simple script that brings realism to the game.
 CJ now wears a kevlar/bulletproof vest when you have body armour.
Automatically tuns off when you lose it.
It doesn't replace any clothes from the game. It's a totally new one!
I have made it for all 3 bodies types(Default ,Fat and  muscle)

Move kevlar.cs to your cleo folder or modloader.
You MUST add kevla.dff and txd to your player.img or you'll get crashes even using moloader.

14 comentários:

  1. Massa e outra coisa diego q dia vai ta pronto a skin do goten xenoverse com o casaco do trunks time patrol?

  2. @micael
    I don't have models from that game, sorry bro :/

    Acho que amanhã ou depois já devo postar aqui.

  3. bro share mod goku transform ssj 1 2 3 4 god sgss and aura effect

  4. Why when I rig to sa, there will be problems?
    can you give me your dff file? WIP is ok,just rig in to gta sa

  5. @raihan
    I'm working on it dude, i didn't forget about that so you don't need to send message after message asking for.Don't worry , it takes time. :)

    Sure ,i'll upload it and send ya the files. I saw no problems at the model in game. But you'll probably need to weld it again.