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terça-feira, 23 de agosto de 2016

[REL]Injustice God Among Us Flash New 52 Edited Model

Hey guys
I got this model requested a few days ago. So here it is.


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  1. download the skin of phase 4 and did not dye texture gta sa mistake mobile any resolution
    Author : MrAndres5555

  2. Very nice work my friend !!!
    Keep it up :)

  3. @Adrian
    Unfortunately i don't have that model. The best choice is ask to Mrandres so he can make as you wish since i don't work/know how to work with mobile files.

    Thank you my friend. Glad you like it (Y)
    Nice to see you around!

  4. Como Instala este mod ?
    How to install this mod ?


    the mod arrow

  5. @Micael
    Você precisa substituir um dos pedestres do jogo usando o img editor.
    You need to replace one of those peds, using img editor.