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sábado, 3 de setembro de 2016

[REL]Sudden Attack 2 Dahlia

Here is Dahlia from Sudden Attack 2.


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  1. Pls.tell me how can i open the dff file or tell me how can i solve the "textures already exist" i just wanna put multiple kokoro mod skins with different outfit. But my problem is those skins have the same textures name :(

  2. @Kytez
    Sorry about that brother, i do that because it's faster to port the model using the same name as they have, from the source file, since SA can handle different txd files with same names on it.
    You can open it, using 3ds max and Kam's script to import the dff files. After that you just need to rename the texture, apply to the model and export it again.

  3. thank you very much sir. I'll try to do that.
    if OK with you can you teach me step by step? And free download link for the needed files.. if I'm not a nuisance for you sir. thanks!

  4. @Kytez
    Unfortunately, i don't have a tutorial step-by-step for that. But you can easilly find it on youtube, there are really good tutorials there about gta modding stuffs. Or you can use my tutorial and take a look at the part where i apply textures to the model: