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domingo, 17 de dezembro de 2017

[REL]Dead Or Alive 5 LR YoRha 2B Maid Swim Set

Hey yo!!
This is another custom model i made :)


5 comentários:

  1. 2B. Is inspiration of. DOA Xtreme bro

    Ojalá si A2 pudiera ser la siguiente

  2. the download is just a text here, can't click, is that just for me?

  3. more dragon ball skin please my request is golden frieza

  4. @Adrian
    Unfortunately i don't a2 model here bro :(

    @Lee jin
    That happens because the model needs to be approved by admins at gtainside. It take them a while :)

    Thank you ;)

    I think Golden Frieza has been ported already.