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segunda-feira, 18 de junho de 2018

[REL]Dead Or Alive 5 LR Ayane Beach Paradise (Tan Lines)

Just ported this Ayane from DOA5LR!


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  2. hey how are you? can I ask you for your help? Im extracting some android models, even animations, but I cant rig those models, can you help me? sorry for spam.

  3. Hey buddy so can you bring the wander of shadow of the colossus Skin?

  4. Pode trazer skins de detroit become human?

  5. @yudi
    I'll port that one soon!

    Hey brodar! How are you?:D Long time no see you around!!!
    I think i can give you a hand :D yeah!
    Do you have discord?

    Hey brodar
    I don't have that model here, unfortunately :/

    Putz cara, eu não tenho o modelo aqui.
    Vou ver se achar aqui eu porto :D

  6. yeah i've been trying to come back but it's difficult.. anyway here we are.. you also taken a break, right?
    discord? well, not exactly, should be cool to extract those models
    but i meant the android game of honkai impact 3rd, i liked that game, and i want those models, animations, abilities in SA :D
    but i want to ask you, it is possible to rig the peds with bones for boobs also? lol
    dont worry about animations, i'll take care about custom animations ;)

  7. @J16D
    Oh,i got it :D
    What is the game you are ripping from? If you don't mind me to ask.

    Sure thing, i can give you a hand on the rigging part. Did you extract them already?

    About the boobs bones, yes xD it is possible.
    SA's skeletons have 2 chests/boobs bones xD
    We can also have 4, if we move the eyebrows bones to the chest part xD

    1. @Diego4Fun hey, where can I talk with you faster than here?... I already extracted the models, actually they are like 19 (all girls), but they are like 5 characters, with different outfits. (same rig),
      And probably I will ask your help to do a different Ped-rig, like a custom bone position for a horse, dragon, or things like that... I think the problem are the animations, but there is no problem. I will do this part.
      ¿it is possible right?, for example attach toe-bone to the spine1 or such things?
      --The game is Honkai Impact 3rd (android), and also Endy Voon, will help me with effects or anything else.. here is one of his mods:

    2. @J16D
      Damm!That looks amazing!!! Is that a dead project or are u guys working on that?

      Oh i got it,i think they won't take me so much time since they are similar models. This makes the rigging process a bit faster.

      About the different skeleton position for horse and animals , yeah we can do that too but we can't deatach a toe-bone and link it to another one, like spine1 for what i what i know but i have never tried it, actually.

      The faster way we can talk is using Discord. It is a real timeing messager, like the old msn , icq etc. It is the only one i have been using for a while.

    3. do you have an email to send you the files? and probably there are a particular things we have to talk about them... for each character, I saw some interesting things that will be usefull for us in this mod.

      -well, someone else already detached bones and did something like that, and he said it works... so.. i don't know exactly.. :/ but i think we can try with any ped model, right?

      -the showed mod is already released… they also worked in other mods (is in their japanese/chinese page). But, he Will help us with particle fx and such things...

    4. Sorry for the late reply,brodar! I totally forgot about checking the comments.

      I'll pm you on youtube, its easier to send ya my email without getting people spamming there :D

    5. where can I send you a skin file?

  8. hey . bro please make kasumi helena kokoro n pai nude