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segunda-feira, 13 de maio de 2019

[REL]D4F Military Gears

Yo guys!

New military stuffs for CJ, working for all 3 body shapes, including:
2 new skull masks ported from Batman Arkham Series
2 New kevlars ported from GTAV
New hair cut
New gloves ported from GTAV
New Pants ported from GTAV
New Helmet ported from COD
New Cap ported from GTAV

I made a custom cleo script, you just need to Type "D4FARMY" to wear them!

Joke Glasses-->> Cap
Hockey Mask->> Helmet
Eyepatch --> Black Skull Mask
Joke Mask -->> Black and White SKull Mask
Gold Crowex  -->> Desert Kevlar
Silver Crowex -->> Urban Kevlar


9 comentários:

  1. Mano esse mod ta muito legal e quando sair o link de download vou botar o maximo de estrelas de tao bom que esta

  2. @xt3
    Obrigadão meu brodar, foi aprovado já no gtainside. Link is up ;)

  3. Awesome mod Diego! May I ask if you could do a tutorial about rigging clothes for gta sa? yours are really helpful :)

    1. @Joteamazing
      Hey brodar
      Thank you :D Glad you like it!

      Sure , i can do that but its pretty much like rigging a normal ped but 3 times if you are making fat/ripped/default body types.

    2. I wanted to replace a watch, I've seen some tutorials but they are too confusing :/

  4. Hi, i was wondering if u can make this skin
    Video :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0E8ff2W33s
    Ill do anithing for it

  5. hey man, can you help me fixing a ped rig?

    1. Hey brodar. How are u doing?
      Sure i can give u a hand. I tried to Pm you at youtube but i couldn't find a way xD