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quarta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2011

[W.I.P] WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 models

Hey guys this is the list of models that i have extracted so far from WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011

(1)The Rock
(2)Rey Misterio
(4)CM Punk
(5)Bret Hart

What one you want to see first on San Andreas?
Select one and Vote there!!I won't accept votes on my post or my chat box, i'll count only those on the "Vote box"(on the sidebar) ->>>>
I'll make the champion for san andreas,so hurry up and leave your vote!!

11 comentários:

  1. bro,maybe you rip characters from Tekken?
    and add please my blog on your friend blogs

  2. @Daywalker
    Hey bro nice to see you keep around =D
    unfortunately i cant rip models from tekken =\ i don't know how to do it but i'll look into some forum to see what i can get of informations =)
    add on the list =)

  3. Bro, can you teach me how to take 3d models from WWE SVR 2011? I always follow your tutorial on my rig and i am trying to rig a few of my favorites and if i can do this, i can go for earlier version of the game and rig peds like hornswoggle.

    I will always give you credits for teaching me. I love your mods

    -Love from India! -RanJ

  4. i know what i am fan of cm punk,but some times ago i was fan of Batista...Do you convert him?I cant wait you have best mods in the world!

  5. @unknown
    I'll convert him too xD

    @Unknown 2
    Do you have msn account bro?if you have, leave ur email here that i'll add u there, cause it's a little bit complicated to explain you here.

    thanks bro =D and i'll make both of them for sure xD

  6. @Baklbiv
    No yet bro, i'm just convertin' real models!
    But i'll try to convert the caws too later

  7. @Diego

    Bro, my email is Iamtherealhero@hotmail.com, please let me know how you do this. I will be really happy if you can. I love your mods and our friends love your mod too. They dunno how to comment on these mods xD

    <3 -RanJ from India

  8. @Ranj
    I'll add you there bro! the problem is that sometime my MNS goes crazy, it doesn't send or receive the friend request.If you don't see my friend request there untill tonight, leave another message here, that i'll add you there again or send you my hotmail!
    Thank you and ur friends, i'm glad you all enjoy my mods ^^
    greetings from Brazil