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domingo, 8 de janeiro de 2012

I'm Back!!!!

Hey yo guys.
I just came back from vacation after 3 weeks away, enjoyin' my free time.
I saw that some kids were using my name, on my chat box, sayin' bad things to those who are always around. Those who are always around know that wouldn't do something like that to anyone.
Sorry for those kids, i can't ban them from my chatbox,so they'll be around.
Just ignore them as i always do, they need to be "visible" to be "someone" to fell "someone".
I'll not remove my chat box from my blog, so for those kids that were using my name and speakin s&% on there, keep doin' that =D
Tomorrow i'll post new mods, so expect good things soon!

8 comentários:

  1. So you didnt say to frost : fuck you ? I was wondering because you was alawys the nicest guy here. well welcome back

  2. @dempsey
    hey man =D thanks nice to see u still around.
    No i didn't say anything to frost :S i was enjoyin' my vacation. i didn't even bring my laptop to my beach house. ^^

  3. Eae Diego, bem vindo devolta amigão, como passou as ferias ai ?, agora eu que estou de viagem, mais acredito que ainda essa semana eu volte hehe XD, abraço e flw cara =D

  4. Hi Diego nice to see you here again!, you can ban them if you are using cbox, just enter to your control panel, go to messages and you can ban or delete any message that you want. Greetings!

  5. hi diego!welkome back again!so hat with some WWE models,maybe Wade Barret,Kevin Nash?

  6. @rodrigo
    e ae meu broder
    pow as ferias foram show! tava precisando pegar praia direto, curti o tempo livre com aminha mina! ^^
    agora q voltei ja to com uns models bons aqui, ja converti 2 do tekken 6 pra posta!
    grande abraço

    @retreat to death
    hey man! nice to see u too!
    oh dind't know that, gonna check it on my blog to see if i get this acess to make those spammers away.

    hey man! thanks =D nice to see u still around.
    i can check if they're on svr 2k11. if they do, i can put them on the project list ^^!

  7. Nice to see you, Diego.

    Wanna us to be a friends? You know, I add you in my blog Friends list, you - too your blog Friends list.
    Check my blog here: http://gedimas-showroom.blogspot.com/

  8. Hell yeah my friend you dont need have a premium account at cbox, is so easy my bro. See ya