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terça-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2012

[REL]Female Pack 16

Hey yo guys!!!
It's finished!My 16th female pack!!!
You'll find inside:

Resident Evil 5 Jill On Business Outfit

Dead Rising 2 Rebecca Mafia Girl(model hack made by me, you won't find it anywhere besides here on my blog)

Resident Evil 5 Rebecca Chamber On Leather Outfit

Resident Evil 5 Sheva On Business Outfit


I put a lot of work on this pack, so if you like, leave a comment for more!
The reason? You guys know: Cause Gta needs more Boobs!!

19 comentários:

  1. Otimo pack Diego, um dos melhores female packs que voce ja lançou hehe =D

    Abraços e flw =D

  2. more fine ladies to put in my gta...thank you diego for fabulos mods you create

  3. @Rodrigo
    Valeu meu camarada xD
    Females no gta sempre sao bem vindas hehehehe

    @Alex puffy
    Thank you bro! I'm really glad you like it!

  4. Diego you Didn't add me yet D: Try to re-invite me plaese!!

  5. i thought that the fiona outfits were going to be in this pack :(, also have u rigged the cowboy and the illegal insome states outfits?

  6. Also that jill looks hot and thanks for all your rigs, they are done so well, i have never seen rigs as accurate as yours ^_^

  7. Jill looks hot in that outfit , nice mod men you are the best doing these.

  8. Muito obrigado por compartilhar todo o seu trabalho ótimo.

    Desculpa o meu pessimismo Português XD

  9. check out my blog guys at http://mikekickproductions.blogspot.com/

    and please follow and Diego nice mods man.

  10. @Hugo
    valeu meu broder

    damm! My msn is bugged as hell =( i can't add properly since 3 months ago!I'll send my msn to your email, than you add me to see if it'll work

    Thak you bro" I'm glad you enjoy it!
    I'll try to make Fiona for the next female pack cause those models from RE4 when extracted, they got bugged hands and i'm tryin' to fix that.

    thank you broder ^^

    de nada meu camarada =D
    fico feliz que tenha curtido! ;)

    thank you bro

    1. I've Added you , I Hope this time works , waiting for your response ;) Thanks a lot!

  11. amazing work man! been looking for rebecca´s mod for so freking long! Thx for ur efforts

  12. i can give you one link..if you want to try, but dont know where to find model

  13. http://plasmidgene.deviantart.com/art/Regina-Final-332998689

  14. Diego, pq q qdo eu instalo as skins, sempre dá algum erro na transparencia do cabelo? :(


  15. poderia fazer uma skin do dean winchester diego

  16. poderia fazer uma skin do dean winchester diego