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sexta-feira, 27 de abril de 2012

[REL]300 Spartan Soldier

Hey yo guys!
It's finally here, my 300 spartan soldier, that i've made using some skyrim bodies parts.


If you like it, leave a comment!

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  1. looks strong BOSS well done and thank youuuu!!!!!

  2. these soldiers from skyrim looks very nice

  3. ohhh, diego, i like spartan...nice work dude!!!keep it up!

  4. Diego e o Anonymous, manow me add no msn rapido por favor to querendo aprender como editar skins no 3d max, eu ja sei mecher no ZM e to querendo saber a mexer no 3d max,eu segui o seu tutorial mais nao de certo, por favor me ajuda. dedeco.02@hotmail.com

  5. diego I extracted the contents but the files haves unknow extension,but I have to use a hex editor to extrat the afs??Tell me how you do!thanks:)sorry for all these questions

  6. o mano diego, vc nao disse q eram 300 espartanos? ai so tem 1 O.o
    :P piadinha d ultima hora u.u

  7. ok the plugin works now but the afs archive ned to be changed to asfd extension for decompress the archive you know how to convert the afs to asfd? thank you very much

  8. @shinobi
    thank u my friend i'm glad you enjoy it

    that girl i told ya didnt work, remember?

    thank u brother ;)

    @administrador anonymous
    eu te add la ja bro vou re add denovo pra ver se chega ae o pedido. meu msn vive doidao.
    vc tem skype?

    @gta sa produtcions itao
    bem pensado bro, bem pensado heheheheheh

    @majin jack
    i think u just need to to make the trick, renaming the afs and put a d on the end makin noesis reading it. there's a read me on the plugin .rar if you dont have one i think i have here to send ya.

    valeuzaooo meu parceiro!

  9. Diego aqui e o Anonymous mais uma vez, cara meu msn nao quer add mais contatos ele fala que a lista de contatos esta cheia,ja exclui varios mais mesmo assim nada, mais aqui me add no skype andrebongiovanni abraço aew, e me add rapidin pq preciso muito de sua ajuda.

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