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segunda-feira, 16 de abril de 2012

[REL]Female Pack 20

Hey yo guys!
I've finally finished my newest and may be the last female pack!
You'll find inside:

Wfyri From GTA VC
Sara Walker Hot Dress Mass Effect 2
Femshep N7 Hoodie from Mass Effect 3
Jill In Bikini from Resident Evil 5
I dont know if i'll continue with the female pack or if i'll start post the female models like the way i do with the others.

I put a lot of work on this pack! So if you like it, leave a comment please!

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  1. WOW!

    impressive as always.

    how are you bro?

  2. @FmV
    thank u my friend ^^ i'm fine and u?

    thank you broder i'm really glad you enjoy it

  3. nice as always, but...... it can be the last!!! D: or at least tell me you are still going to do the nude female packs or at least the models i request XD

  4. @ecwbardock13
    thank you broder ^^
    yep yep it can be the last, but when i said the last, i meant the pack you know?The way i post female models.
    I'll still work on female models but i'm thinking about releasing them as soon as i get one done and not wait 3 or 4 to pack them and release, got it?
    Cause doin this,we can have female models more often and not only on when i get the pack done.
    For the nude pack, i'll continue for sure =)

  5. i see :D :freddiemercury: its all okay then!

  6. Cara Cade a Asuka_Kazama do tekken?¬¬

  7. thx hehe i like the female shepard :) nayway i'm gonna ask again you probably forgot :) can u PLS make Hroki from Skyrim ?
    I would not bother you with this but i really need that model and i just can't get the 3ds max model right (the damn texturing is giving me a head egg)

  8. ta legal so que as mão delas tão retas ñ tem aquela curvinha tirando isso ta otima vlw dinovo pelas skins.

  9. o trunks tb ta show muito bom msm

  10. Thank youuuu I love your skins!
    please do not stop!
    more hot girls from Skyrum

  11. I've been looking at this blog for quite a while now. I'm beyond impressed with your work. I've never got around rigging for GTA SA.

    Now you've got me scared there for a moment. When you said you weren't going to continue this, I thought for sure you would be stopping all of the female model releases.

    I think you have a good idea there releasing them after you're done with one. Like you've said, it's better than waiting for another to be finished. I certainly like the sound of that. Plus, the files will be even smaller, making uploading and downloading even more easy.

    Thank you for sharing these amazing mods and I hope to see more!

  12. can you make me a skin of yusuke urameshi form yu yu hakusho? thanks :)i searched everywhere and nothing found you re my last hope xD please if you can make it thankz

  13. wow man,you are amazing,exellent skins
    thank you so much for your great work
    PD:can you make skins of the girls from dead or alive and caracters from no more heroes 2? i hope you can,thanks anyway

  14. @Yur3
    Assim que tiver pronta eu posto man, relaxa =)

    thank u broder =D i'm glad you enjoy it.
    But i didnt forget about hroki i just didnt get time to look at skyrim files to extract her.I'll try it as soon as i can =)

    valeuzaoo meu broder! nem tinha reparado na parada da mao ate vc falar hehheheeh!

    thank u my friend i'm glad you like it. I'll port more skyrim models soon!

    thank you broder, really! I'm happy to see you guys enjoyin' my mods!
    Heheheh sorry about scaring you xD but i see that you understand. I think it'll be better and faster to make female models as you said.
    see ya and thanks again.

    unfortunately i cant bro =( i dont have any models from yu yu hakuhso and i cant find any info about rip them anywhere =\

    thank you broder ^^ i'm glad you enjoy it!
    from dead or alive i gave up, cause it's a hard method to export and join all little parts of the model to get one model complete, because of the ripper =\
    about the no more heroes 2 i can \o/ i have more 2 girls models here that i'l convert for sure

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  15. Click on the image to download the models of the model

  16. this is my favorite:

  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MiN5eFvhDA request skin Mai Shiranui

  18. Great job!!

    Cara, vou te fazer outro pedido XD poderia por favor fazer uma Skin da Kate Beckinsale (Se possível, um cabelo normal, nem mto curto nem muito longo) em uma roupa executiva? Obrigado! :D

  19. Aw... please don't stop making female pack diego.. :( what im always looking when moding gta is the female pack, and im sure many others will think so too! >.< but, yeah, maybe it's fine with single female mod release.. :)