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terça-feira, 8 de maio de 2012

[REL]Robert Downey Jr/Tony Stark From The Avengers and IronMan Movies

Hey guys!
I've just made a V2 from my Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Iron Man.
Now with the mask up, as you see on some parts of the movie.

                     Just decided it, i'll release it unitll weekend \o/

Should i release it or not?Tell me what you think!!

10 comentários:

  1. I do not know...
    I just think in naked jill


    but I think, yes.
    Just as Dante UMVC3 has its version with and without a sword.
    why not? ^^

  2. pls release it, your model look so beatiful & smart.
    ..sorry for my bad english..

  3. i think it look so good ,smart and awesome
    release it plz.

  4. @FmV
    hahhaah naked jill is comming bro \o/

    @415 ฌานิพิพัฒน์17 - ปิยะศักดิ์18
    thank u my friend ! I'll release it soon!

    @tonystark 9
    thank u brother! i'll post it untill weekend!!

    thank u my friend ^^

  5. Love his armor, love his face... release it plz =)

  6. @bloglog
    xD sure. Tomorrow it'll be up!

    thank u brother!
    Sure i'll release it \o/!
    Tomorrow it'll be up!