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quarta-feira, 2 de maio de 2012

[RE-UP] Nude Female Pack 2

Hey guys!
I just re-uploaded the second nude female pack that i've post a few months ago, cause it was deleted from the MF.

5 comentários:

  1. Hi bro,You could upload the DBZ skins please ... I've been waiting a long time, because I love ... Goodbye friend :)

  2. Poderia reupar o Nude Famele pack 3? Eu quero muito a skin da Ashley '-'

  3. hi men ,can you make a skin of hyoga from saint seiya but without armor?? thankz

  4. @gokuultimate
    hey bro =)
    i didnt forget about that , it just took so long cause i was finishin' trunks and i dont have so much free time lately. But the next one from dbz series that i'll release is Goku normal that you asked a few months ago hehehehe

    claro =) essa semana ja devo re upar todos eles, so tive um problema aqui com mediafire e agora com o 4shared que estava meio bixado essa semana.

    hey bro
    sure =) i'll convert all models form Saint Seiya that i can and the saints with nromals clothes are on my projects.
    I'll release first the others 6 gold saint to complete the 12 gold saints pack. after that i'll work on the saints without armors.