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sexta-feira, 6 de julho de 2012

Mediafire Problems!

Hey guys , i got some problem with mediafire a few months ago and i'm having' it now again!
They deleted some mods from my account due copyrights =\
So it'll take time to re-up all of them, if you see one mod offline, report it on my chat box ->
i'd appreciate it!Untill i find another host , i won't make mods! I'll give a break of 1 week i think. Maybe less or more. =\

5 comentários:

  1. ae Diego ,nem liga pra isso,o dono do megaupload venceu o processo e vai voltar com o mega,quem sabe vc pode usar ele depois!

  2. Try deleting the extension (txd and dff) of files and renaming the rar or upload to skydrive!
    I hope MU allow simultaneous downloads, otherwise, please do not use.

  3. use Dropbox and will not ever have problems, the host like mediafire are the shit :@

  4. @pardal
    E ae bro. Uia legal a noticia tomara que volte!

    I'm takin' a look at skydrive it'll be me second option! i'm tryin' sednspace and there's no problem so far. I'll keep testin'!

    oh didn't knew that host. I'll take a look! thank you bro

  5. i cant download [REL]Female Pack 20 please can you upload it somwhere else i raly like sarah walker model