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segunda-feira, 9 de julho de 2012

Testing Another Host!

Hey guys i'm already testin' another host and seems that i won't have my files deleted.
I'll make some testes untill weekend with my skyrim mods!
Btw, you can take a look at my thread:
You'll find all of my mods to Skyrim there like E'lara

3 comentários:

  1. Hi diego,Could you raise the skin of Roxas and Sora from Kingdom Hearts? please, is that your mods are great, greetings,Incidentally, I've noticed that you take days without gaining anything, it has problems? if so, good luck
    PD:sorry for my bad inglish :(

  2. @thu_monerito
    hey bro! thank you!
    I dont know if i have them here, i need to check my hd files. If i do i can try to convert them. I had some problems with mediafire \= but now i'm on another host! Re uploadin my files ehehehe.
    See ya bro and keep around!

  3. diego tem como fazer um pedido de uma skin ?