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quinta-feira, 6 de setembro de 2012

I'll be away for 3 days!

hey guys!
I'll be away for 3 days. It's holiday in here (brazil) tomorrow.
I'll make a fast travel so i'll be back on sunday!
Have a nice and funny weekend!
see ya soon !

3 comentários:

  1. ei diego...
    velho voçe sabe fazer mods pr o gta 4 tambem?
    acho seus mods muito fodas...so q eu jogo gta4..
    sou o jorge hunter do site gta4mods...
    parabens pelos seus mods!

  2. Hey Diego, I was wondering if you could put Excellas face isntead of the one already on this girls body but keep the hair the same? http://www.libertycity.ru/files/gta-san-andreas/42581-sasha.html

  3. @Jorge Hunter
    E ae meu brother! Valeuzao fico feliz que tenha curtido os mods!
    Pow infelizmente nao faço nao brother =\
    So pra gta san andreas msm =\
    vou ficar devendo essa!

    Hello brother.
    Oh i can give it a try but it'll take some time bro.