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segunda-feira, 3 de setembro de 2012

[REL]MW3 Delta Sandman Custom Model

Hey guys!
Just finished one custom model from MW3.
It's Sandman on Frost body + Frost Googles.
Enjoy it.


4 comentários:

  1. nice skin !can you make a skin of zero from megaman in mvc 3? thankz!

  2. Not sure if you will do this request but:
    Can you please make a GTA skin of Nightingale Female (Probably Karliah) from Skyrim? i'd be glad, you rock at what you do, keep it up! <3

  3. @skullener96
    Sure bro i can give it a try, i have the model here.

    Hey man, i have skyrim installed here i can give it a try ripping them.

  4. apology can make skins ghost recon future soldier and CDS that is Japanese or Chinese army can not remember either call of duty black ops 2? Might?