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domingo, 25 de novembro de 2012

[REL]Primal Carnage Commando(I'm Back) Celebratng 1 Million Views!!!

Hey guys!
I've been away for almost 2 weeks! I had some problems on my pc and i had to re-install my windows 7 and i couldn't made backup of all my files. So i waste some time re-installing and getting it over the last week. But everything is just fine and here's a new mod to celebrate 1 million views!!!


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  1. Hi!Diego4Fun!Great work!!!
    I know the guy, who make gta4 skin and mod.his name is ac.amir. If u make gta4 skin with him i would be very HAPPY! so told him. then i watting his comment. then he is busy person. so his work is.... u know. this is his blog

  2. Diego, please, i beg can you convert animations from any spiderman game or another game/? =( i need it so much

    thank you

  3. Oh, Diego4fun my bro. I`m waiting for your thread! You said, "everything is just fine". Did you means that you restore all your files?

    If u didn`t restore your files, it means that I have to give you claire redfield nightgown model & ada wong bikini costume XNAModels again... T.T

  4. I could live in this website....there is all i need for my gta sa...cooooool

  5. @Eziodavinci
    Hey man!
    Oh that sounds nice i looked for some tutorial teaching how to rig to gta4. I'll give it a try soon, when i install it again on my pc.

    @peter spider
    unfortunately i cant bro =\ i don't know how to port animations

    @mei arisa
    Not all of them brother, i got some of them back.
    I'll try to look for those two models again cause i couldn't find them on xnalara threads.

    @cattift gamin
    thank you man. I'm glad you enjoyed my mods! ;)

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