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domingo, 11 de novembro de 2012

[REL]Resident Evil 6 Helena Cop Outfit

Hey guys!
Here's Helena Cop Outfit from Resident Evil 6!


10 comentários:

  1. Oh, my god! It's really awesome, bro! Thank you!

  2. awesome skin 5/5...please make Carla Radames too

  3. Nice skin diego!iam workin in helena USA,but i have problem in the hair...

  4. .Can U Post The Standard Version Please My Friend ^^

  5. @mei arisa
    You're welcome bro! glad you like it!

    @prince july
    thank you man,I'm glad you enjoy it!
    I'll see if i can work on Carla.

    thank you man!!
    Oh that's bad! Is it something on alpha channel?

    @robi satria
    Martin is workin on it bro, expect dl soon on his blog.

  6. LOL , that's great . She really looks a little bit po'ed .
    Really well done.

    About those alpha probs... I use to put up the txd part of the file in the TXD Workshop 4 ( or higher ) and I switch off the alpha channels , texture by texture . Works for me and so it's not neccesary to overhaul some peds again.

  7. hi there! it's a very cool mod you got here :)
    uh,do you have the normal outfit Helena Harper? :) thank you.

  8. esta bkn pulento
    te puedo pedir el de chuck norries