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segunda-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2012

[MAP]Mario Kart Figure 8 Circuit

Hey guys!
Here's my newest map, that i've finished a coulpe of days ago.
It's a nice circuit from Mario Kart , in 8 form.
Merry christimas to you!!!

Near Verona Beach/Santa Maria Beach, at the red mark!


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  1. Err... Diego, I think I want to start a project about a game that itself is a GTA mod, but I'm not a programmer, just a storywriter in this case. Are you interested?

  2. Michael, I think that you should look for programmers somewhere else. I mean, Diego is awesome at what he does- creating and adapting textures and skins for their use in GTA San Andreas, making sure they work properly, that they are solid (in other words, that they are not an empty prop, etc.), but I haven't seen any kind of mods from him that form part of any kind of programming for a certain thing in San Andreas. I would gladly help with anything (except for texturing and programming, because I have no idea about those two fields).

    Could I ask which is the project that you have in mind, by the way?

  3. vga96, it's about customizing the levels and creating new levels. It's about James Bond.

  4. @michael
    Hey man,first of all, sorry for the delay to answer you!I just saw your message.
    How big would this project be?Because i could give you some help brother, coverting peds/weapons and maps parts, but a project like that would take me so much time wich i don't have much free, lately.
    I'd like to help you out if i can, not like the main rigger/map maker, i mean, doin' something to help but no so often and as a priority you know?
    And i can only start on this project on february because i'll be out on vacations in a few days and i'll only be back after January 25 i think.

  5. Well, thank you for trying to help, man. I appreciate it. At least I need a few characters, such as Cate Archer (No One Lives Forever 2), Jinx (007 Legends) and Jennifer Mui (Mercenaries 2). I appreciate it, man. And thanks.

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