Original models from Infinity Ward,Capcom,Electronics Arts, Microsoft, Ubisoft and Treyarch,Xnalara and tombraider forums Users(rexil,Oocrofty,fullmon etc)Valve,Gmod and all developers that have created those models! I don't own any credits for those models!!!!

sexta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2012

Out for New year!!

Hey guys!
I'll be out 1 or 2 weeks, for the new year holiday!!
I wish you a wonderfull year, i hope you can do what you want, get what you want!!
See ya soon!!

11 comentários:

  1. I want JASON BOURNE model :p please!!!

  2. Raul Menendez 2025 skin donwload

  3. Diego can do liza's Snow Skin with Far Cry 3 here you have the password to download the model is "facepunch"http://www.mediafire.com/?kkn66h4u1c2n8j5

  4. Hello Diego! Can you make skins of the Call Of Juarez Bound In Blood of Ray, Thomas and Jackson?
    Thanks :)

  5. Aaah, for you too Diego...

    I would love UMVC3 models for this year. please. :)

  6. your best man... Please Black Ops 2 Skin (Mike Harper, David Mason, Raul Menendez and and Alex Mason Old) :)

  7. Não teria como voce fazer um mod de laçar e arrastar as pessoas no gta? sei que é dificil '-'

  8. You're model rocks, do Helena Harper (RE6) normal clothes dood !

  9. @dat super
    GOnna work on that!

    thank you man gonna check it!

    Hey man!
    I'll try to convert her!!!
    Thanks for the link!

    Hey man!
    Unfortunately i dont have the game and neither the models =\

    thank you bro!

    Hey !!
    Sure gonna work on more umvc3 models soon!
    I was about to do that but i forgot hehehhe

    THank you man!
    I'm workin on more bo2 models, i'll release them soon

    Thank you man!
    I dont have her on normal outfit but i'm workin on a nude version xD

    1. Maybe this can help you ?


      But, not against a nude skin :p