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quarta-feira, 17 de abril de 2013

Injustice God Among Us Harley Quinn 1st and 2nd Costumes

Hey guys.I'm back after enjoyin' a break!
So here's Harley Quinn,1st and 2nd Cos from Injustice God Among Us!
Enjoy it


6 comentários:

  1. Thanks a bunch Diego, and welcome back from your break :)

  2. Wow, Awesome bro! what do you want to make next? Batman? Superman? or someone else?

  3. @maryse
    Thank you Maryse!And You're welcome i'm glad you like it!

    Thanks man, i'm happy you like it!
    I have catwoman here to give it a try!
    Btw Martin made batman 1st and 2nd costumes, check out his blog for DL.

  4. @Diego
    Ok dude, keep modding, i love your mods :D

  5. @Diego4Fun
    Anytime Diego, always a pleasure to see when you've released another skin.