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quarta-feira, 10 de abril de 2013

[REL]Tomb Raider 2013 Lara Croft Guerilla Outfit

Hey guys!
Here's Lara croft guerilla outfit from Tomb Raider 2013!
Normal maps included!
ENjoy it!

I'm going out on a little break for a few days!
I'll be back next week guys!


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  1. Thanks alot Diego! Enjoy your break! ^_^

  2. @marysedynasty
    You're welcome my friend.
    And i'll enjoy it for sure hhehehe.
    Drink some beer, surfing a bit and have fun with my friends!
    see ya

  3. Bom Trabalho Amigão!

    Tem Skype?
    Add eu ai> gabriel.augusto120

  4. Hello amigo! Here is the link of the skins:


    It is in format .skn

  5. Diego, you're awesome. However, I've got an idea for your next project. You have some 007 bodies from both "Everything or Nothing" and "GoldenEye 007".

    Do you see this following outfit? It's from the first mission of the game:

    And I want you to replace Daniel Craig's head with Pierce Brosnan's from "Everything or Nothing" if possible.

    I've always dreamed about that, could you please make that one? It will be a dream come true for me. I'd tell you that. Thank you.

  6. Que fodaaaaaaaaaaaa, tava esperando essa skin a um tempão ja!! Vlw vc é foda!!!!!

  7. Diego you are great modeler. can you make john cena skin? please !!! my friend challenge me !

  8. Nice models dude you got here

    :D may a request French SWAT guy from GTA Vice City to San Andreas, ive searach all week and cant find him.

  9. Diegão, aqui é o Andre, o Anonymous, aqui meu parceiro, tem como tu fazer skins do jogo League of Legends?? Eu acho que serio muito foda!!! Abraço ae parceiro até mais!!!

  10. @Gabriel Augusto
    Valeuzao meu camarada!
    Tenho sim vou te add lá!

    Thank you brother, i'm glad you like it!

    @Mateus L
    Hey man!
    Gonna take a look , to see if i'll be able to work on it.

    @Michale Westen
    Hey brother! Thanks a lot i'm glad you like my mods!
    But i dont have models from Everything or Nothing to take your request,unfortunately =\

    @jake banks
    Obrigadao meu brother, fico feliz que tenha curtido! :D

    @joe heater
    Thank you brother!
    I have made John Cena a few months ago. Try to search for it on the search box(it's better than navigate to it manually) :D

    thank you brohter i'm glad yu like them!
    I have already converted a swat from VC, but i dont know if it's the french one.

    e ae andre, beleza meu brother!?
    EU tenho 3 models aqui do LOL eu posso tentar converte-los em breve!
    ABraço fica na paz brother!

  11. hey dude, great mod! i was wondering if u can make somthing like this? http://gtaiv-skins.blogspot.com/2013/04/gta-iv-modtomb-raider-2013-lara-croft.html
    id like to use this Lara as girlfriend :P (hot coffee and all)

    good job!