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sábado, 4 de maio de 2013

[REL]Star Trek Spock

Hey guys!
Here's Spock from the new Star Trek game!
ENjoy it


5 comentários:

  1. Please RELASE STAR TREK "KIRK" PLEASE DIEGO i like this skin is cool ,thankyou! :D

  2. Thanks Diego! BTW, can you make this skin? http://thefree3dmodels.com/stuff/characters/iron_man_mark_7/14-1-0-5484

  3. Hello Diego! Nice mod man I was wondering if you could make this skin it's a really nice one from Resident Evil 3 I'm a fan of gas mask models I hope you could do this skin please.

    Link: http://thefree3dmodels.com/stuff/characters/lone_wolf/14-1-0-3304

  4. @elian
    Sure bro, i'll convert him soon! I got his model already!

    you're welcome brother =D

    Just made it bro heheheh =D

    @stoned troller
    Hey bro.
    Thank you i'm glad you lik it! Oh that model looks cool! Gonna put it on my project list.Thanks for the link