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quarta-feira, 3 de julho de 2013

[REL] Man of Steel Superman

Hey guys!
Here's the new Superman from Man of Steel the movie!


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  1. hi, sorry i would like to know hoe i can install this skin on gta san andreas. thank

  2. Nice skin as usual! :) Sorry to bother you, but i'd like to ask, when will you make Kate Austen skin from Lost Via Domus? I'm waiting for that so much... And at last but least, before i forget, you make the best skins for gta sa, so my first thing when i'm online, that clicking into your page. :)

  3. diego you can upload now mod house in island?

  4. diego could pass me your contact? social network, facebook, twitter or other?

  5. This is really Awesome!! Are you going to be doing the Arrow Injustice DLC based on the Arrow Series?

  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnBzoHSxasE From Injustice

  7. Hey! Can you convert the female character from the Deadpool?

  8. eai diego converte o cable aki :

  9. @Женя Алиев
    I dont know bro i've been workin' on it to finish as soon as possible =)

    @Amorim games
    valeuzao brother.
    Vou converter o cable com certeza!

    Hey man.You need to have Cleo 3 or 4 installed in your skyrim root,plus,SA skin changer/selector. Than you replace original files using gta img manager.

    @raphael sulivan
    thank you brother.

    I dont have that model bro =\

    Thank you brother! I'm glad yo like my skins!
    About katie mode, i was planin' to port her but the model i have has a issue in the hair =\. I'm tryin' to fix that since then.Sorry for make you waiting this long.

    It's not finished yet brother. I"m still workin' on it. But dont worry i'll upload it as soon as i get it done.

    @bart jr
    Sure add me on Skype brother. Do you have it?

    @wade wilson
    thank you man! unfortunately i dont have that model here =\

    @al boom
    I just releaased Domino, actually :D

  10. tem algum Brasileiro aqui ?!?! gostaria de sabe em qual pasta coloco o mod atraves do Alci's IMG Editor 1.5 obrigado !!