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domingo, 14 de julho de 2013

[REL]Deadpool Domino

Hey guys!
Here's Domino from the new Deadpool game.
Enjoy it!


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  1. WOW YOUR WORK IS GREAT ... if I may a request, could you make LINK of zelda twilight princess or skyward sword with the Hylian Shield on his back or his arm or only the shield?

  2. hi diego, maybe you can create "Dead Space 3 Witness Suit John Carver's version" i'm big fan on dead space series

  3. Obrigado! Não tenho estado no Skype estava ocupado, mas eu lhe enviei para o youtube uma mensagem sobre o modelo que lhe pedi.

  4. Woo! As i wished ^^ thx man! Btw WOW the ENB you have look damn awesome actually look better than cod graphics xD too bad i play on low PC and can't use it T_T

  5. Eres el REY!! me harias el gran favor de hacer a Rihanna y a Katy Perry te lo agradecera mucho! me facinan todos tus trabajos

  6. diego you can do a CHUCK NORRIS skin?? if you do this you will triumph because everbody will want it XDd and chuck norris only have 1 skin created in san andreas but is from family guy. THANKS FOR READ BRO

  7. Diego fala ae meu brother aqui é o Anonymous, Andre Bongiovanni HAUHAUAHUHA, cara queria saber se tem como vc fazer a skin do draven do league of legends pro gta sa, desde agora muito obrigado!!!

  8. diego can you do "gta V michael" skin?

  9. @animationsta
    Thank you dude :D

    @antony andre
    Hey brother! thank you i'm glad you like my mods!
    Oh sure i think i have link model here on my HD.Gonna port him soon!

    @wade wilson
    you're welcome brother.

    Hey bro. i really like deadspace series too, but i dont have any models from dead space3 and as soon as gtav get released and we get extraction tool, i'll try those models for sure.

    Hey brother.
    Eu tbm estive afastado do skype, mas vou ver de ficar mais presente essa semana.

    you're welcome brother, i'm glad you like it.
    Oh thank you , i didn't create those settigns but i linked that enb here on my blog . Marty Mcfly made an awesome job on those settings.

    Hey brother. Thank you, 'im glad you like my mods! I dont speak spanish very well, but i don't have Rihanna or Katy perry here unfortunately
    Cheers from brazil and keep around:D

    Unfortunately i don't have chuck norris model brother. But i totally agree, it'd be awesome to kick some ass using Chuck skin =\

    E ae meu camarada bele?
    Infelizmente eu nao tenho nenhum model do LOL, eu tinah dois aqui a um tempo mas tive que formatar o pc =\