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sábado, 2 de novembro de 2013

[MAP]Dragon Ball Z Kami Lookout + Cleo Teleporter

Hey guys
Just finish my Kami Lookout map, extracted from DBZ BT3!
You can only get there by flyin'(using SA breaker limit to fly highter) or by teleport!
IF you use teleporter, go to these coords:
x: 644.7448
Y: -2313.5852
Z: 703
But if you don't wanna have work, just put the cleo i have made in your cleo folder and press:
Right Mouse Button + K
You must use SA Limit Adjuster or you'll get crashes:
Teleporting you automatically to Kami Lookout

DOWNLOADIf you get crashes while using my cleo script, update your CLEO Library to CLEO4:

18 comentários:

  1. diego, primeiramente muito bom mod.
    Só uma dúvida que me surgiu: O Daniel do Iceman studio é brasileiro ou fala portugues? abraços

  2. i used cleo 4 but my game crashes at loading screen, can u fix it??

  3. Hey Diego ,
    Ive got something to Tell You can You please write me an email my email is arceus.jack@googlemail.com

  4. Sir can you help me.
    My game freeze after trying to change to Liza skin which i downloaded from here.
    Skin like Batman work but this one doesnt.

  5. Hi Diego, I use cleo 4 and my game crashes when i add this mod, may you say if I need something to install this mod. Thanks

  6. @zulfikar
    Thank you man!

    valeuzao meu brother.
    Ih brother, eu nao sei não. Pq agora eles tao aceitando a galera para o projeto deles lá, mas a maioria é russo.

    @aya dizen
    May be its conflicting with another mod. Try to remove it the cleo and see if the game loads, Then you can use a software called SA teleporter, it is pretty much easy to use you just need to put the coords.

    Hey dude
    Sure gonna send ya a message!

    Hey dude
    Oh that's strange. Never seen something like that, i mean, only crashing with one skin. Try to replace another model to see if you get it working.

    @anth salmo
    Hey dude.
    Oh strange. Try to remove it as i told to @aya dizon to see if it'is conflicting with another mod.

  7. Hi diego, I try to install this mod with a Clean copy of San Andreas I only install cleo 4, but the game crash again as my modded GTA in load screen with or withouth the kamitele.cs file. I test only the kamitele.cs file in a Clean GTA and modded GTA and it works without problems. Thanks again for your time

  8. I got it fixed already.
    I renamed the file and it work.
    Thanks for uploading these awesome skin :)

  9. @anth salmo
    That is what i was thinking about, the problem is not the cleo file(since it is only to teleport you to a specific area in the game and it loads with and without it),
    There are 2 possibilities:
    1- You're not using map limit adjuster , for SA, it makes SA load more map files without crashing and my mods add more than 3 files.Download this, be sure to have cleo installed and extract into your SA main directory( where is the .exe file):

    2- You're using mods ( like Project_Oblivion_2010HQ) that change and/or add files to gta.data or any of those maps.data (leveldes.ide, seabed.ide etc)
    In this case you need to add my map manually. You open seabed.IDE and seabed.IPL and see the last number in the list. then you open the seabed.IDE and seabed.IPL that i have packed and look for these lines:
    18900, kami1, kami, 299, 0
    18901, kami2, kami, 299, 0
    18902, kami1b, kami, 299, 0
    18903, kami2b, kami, 299, 0
    If you last object number is under 18900 you can add those lines from my files without problems than save it. But if your last number is 18900 for example, you need to change my numbers to 18901 , 18902 and go on.
    After that save and start the game and dont forget to use the map limit adjuster.
    Good luck:)

  10. @POrtgazhyde
    You're welcome dude.
    I'm glad you got it fixed ^^

  11. Thanks Diego, for your help, now is working!, the problem was Map Limit Adjuster. Excelent work as Always!

  12. its working now THANKS for the Map Limit Adjuster. :)

  13. this is really nice ;) but you should make your own *.img, *.ide and *.ipl file to make easier the installation :P but good work ;)

  14. ps. I tested the map :D and it is really cool... ;) good job

    I just change a little bit the brightness of the *.col file :/ because the $playaer looks to much dark over the map xD at least for me.. :/ but good job ;)

  15. Can you make World Tournament Arena Mod for San Andreas ?