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domingo, 24 de novembro de 2013

[REL]I Want To Believe CLeo Mod

Hey guys
Here is my newest cleo mod, that i have been working on!
This mod turns CJ into an alien , giving him amazing powers!

Active = Press 1 + Space
Deactive = Press 1 + Space 
Abduct nearest ped = Press 2 + Space
Throw Everything away = Press 3 + Space  
Lift nearest ped = Press 4 + Space
Try to communicate = `Press 5 + Space
Call the mothership = Pres 6 + Space
Throw them up = Press 7 + Space
Energy Ball =  Press 8 + Space
Transform into a stronger alien = Press 9 + Space


Copy UFO.cs and SOUNDS folder, to your cleo folder:
GTA San Andreas\CLEO

Copy gta.dat and maps folder to your DATA folder and replace your files:
GTA San Andreas\DATA

Copy ufo.img to your models folder:
GTA San Andreas\models

Copy effects.fxp, effectsPC.txd and particle.txd to your models folder and replace your files: 
GTA San Andreas\models

You need Lastest Cleo 4 Installed:

Backup your files first!!!!!!
Everything was tested over and over again without problems for more than 12 people.
If you have mods that change Data files and maps files, you need to add my mod manually or you'll get crashes!


10 comentários:

  1. Cool bro, Do you take Requests ?
    Diego.. im huge fan of soulcalibur series, can you make Siegfried and his "Soulcalibur" Sword into Gta San Andreas..
    if you need model, maybe you can use this : http://www.gfxworld.ws/index.php?/news/comments/soul_calibur_4_models/

  2. This mod is......... Fucking Awesome!!!

  3. Absolutely great work!

  4. Perfeito diego, seus skins são o maximo

    gostaria de pedir uma skin de um jogo muito bom que lançou atualmente para Xbox, Ryse Son Of Rome, eu queria o skin do Mario, ou de algum soldado romano, desde já agradeço, sou seu fã!

  5. Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.

  6. @Violent souls
    THank you dude.
    Yeah, i do take requests.
    Gonna take a look at the link to see if i can download it and if i can open it , to tryin' to port it later.

    Fico feliz que tenha curtido brother

    Thak you dude!!

    Thank you man, i'm glad you like it!

    Valeuzao meu camarada!
    Infelizmente o jogo ainda não tem nenhum ripper oficial lançado bro.
    Assi que tiver, eu converto! Eu fiz um soldado romando, do assassin's creed eu nao me lembro se postei. Vou conferir aqui, se nao eu posto mais tarde ^^

    Oh thanks for reporting it dude, gonna reupload it!

  7. whenever i press 7+space it freezes please answer i really like this mod Diego4Fun