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terça-feira, 28 de outubro de 2014

[SA MODS 2014]Zombie Mod

Hey guys Here's my newest cleo mod to celebrate halloween.You can play as a zombie now, eat people to gain health, bite them using custom animations , lose cops and a funny surprise for you with custom sound effects.

How to use:

Press Z -  to tun into a zombie

After that:

Type - SCREAM on your keyboad to active sounds

Once you are a zombie an got the sounds activated:

Press X behind the ped -  Bite peds

Press J - Eat dead bodies to restore health

Press i -  lose cops

Press H - surprise for you guys

Type SCREAM again: Deactive sounds

Press Z again - back to cj model.

I dont know if it works with cleo 3 because of the opcodes i used

 I dont know if it works with cleo 3 because of the opcodes i used. This mod was tested over and over again before i released it. So if you get crashes you're not installing it right.

Relly thanks to j16d for helping me out and giving me the sounds codes. I really appreciate it.You need cleo 4 to get this mod working


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