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domingo, 5 de outubro de 2014

[REL]Dead Or Alive 5 Sarah Pop Idol

Hey guys
Here's Sarah pop idol costume from DOA5.


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  1. hi diego can you do this skin? http://bstylez.deviantart.com/art/DOA5U-Momiji-Business-Re-Updated-Again-436770666

  2. SEEXYYYYY :3 :3 i love doa5 models, good job :3

  3. hm... sorry. Can you fix edges mesh, Diego?


  4. Hi Diego, long time no comment, I wanted to thank you for the skins pack for Left 4 Dead, is that your work is complicated, but I found this model of Johnny Klebitz (GTA IV TLAD) on this page:http://mrgameboy20xx.deviantart.com/art/GTA-The-Lost-and-Damned-Johnny-Klebitz-487151081, picture is censored but if you are looking at pictures of Google will look there.

  5. Amazing work! AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. @julian p
    Hey dude.
    Gonna take a look at the mode to see if i can port to SA.

    @tobias lasia
    Thank you man. I'm happy you like it.

    @van dang ngo
    Looks like it needs the "smooth" thing ( at least it's called like that in 3ds max)

    Thank you man. I'm glad you like it. I'll port more l4d models soon.
    I can try to download the model you requested and port it later for ya.

    @cosntanzo fan
    Thank you my friend. I'm glad you like it!