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segunda-feira, 4 de maio de 2015

[REL]Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate Momiji Costume 2

Hello everybody.
Yesterday, i have found a way to increase the polygons limit in SA. SA has a limit of 5.000 Polys by default. Increasing this limit, i'm able to port models higher than 45k, 90k polygons.So i started with this model from DOA5.

You MUST use it to get the model working. It doesn't affect your gameplay or anything like that!
Just drag and drop to your  main directory.If you have stream memory cleo, map limit adjuster or any similar mod you can just delete them. This Limit Adjuster cover all those settings.

8 comentários:

  1. Which version of limit adjuster is this..?. I use Open Limit adjuster V1.5.4 is supposed to be the latest one, but it does not have that "polygon" option.
    with the limit adjuster you uploaded, is also possible to add buildings with high poly count.
    nice find. ;)

  2. But Jango Fett!Please do bro! I need him!

  3. @j16D
    Hey brother. I really don't wich version is that. But i think it works since the 1st one. I found the polygon option reading the wiki page. But i think it's not open limit adjuster. This is another one.I might check the files to see if i can find where i downloaded it from.

    @Optimius Prime
    Thank you man. Glad you like it.
    And don't worry, i didn't forget about Jango. :)

  4. THANK YOU! I've been waiting for someone to make this skin for so long! You sir, are amazing.

  5. Cool...!!!
    But.. can U make this too..??