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quinta-feira, 14 de maio de 2015

[REL]Dragon Ball Xenoverse Cell Perfect

Hey guys
I finished Cell perfect from DBXV.


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  2. Thank you for making Perfect Cell from Xenoverse! Looking forward to Goten and Super Saiyan Goten! :D (The comment from "Valiant777" was me before I updated my blogspot display name to 'Rai' to better reflect my name in the chatbox.)

  3. Nice! an HD Model from Cell, Better than the BT3 Model!
    hey diego are you gonna release SSJ4 Vegeta too? i Looking forward for them =P (btw SSJ4 Vegeta is my Favorite Character)

  4. @Rai
    You're welcome brother. I'm glad you like it.Oh don't worry about the "user nickname" xD I'll try goten soon.So keep an eye.

    You're welcome brother. I'll try to port all those models from DBXV and ssj4 is already on my list ^^
    I'll try to release it soon.